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    Mytp Snowboarding V1.2.0 iPhone iPad and iPod touch


    Rep : 63
    Cinsiyet : Erkek
    Paylaşım Puanı : 214751187
    Nerden : Ankara
    Mesaj Sayısı : 3323

    Mytp Snowboarding V1.2.0 iPhone iPad and iPod touch

    Mesaj tarafından Ne[x]oN Bir Paz Haz. 20, 2010 3:32 pm

    It`s time for REAL snowboarding ! High-class snowboard feeling is
    guaranteed with MyTP snowboarding and definitely as authentic as never

    MyTP is the snowboarding game with unlimited possibilities, no matter
    if you throw down double corks in the terrain park, back-to-back 1080
    combos in the half pipe or if you prefer a powderline in the
    backcountry – feel it & enjoy it !

    Whether on a hand rail or in the air, with the choice of different
    grabs and jibbs you can perform way over 500 trick variations. You have
    to crack 3 challenges and 3 missions in each of the 3 resorts, where
    you can have a real good romp !!

    Well-known resorts will grant you with an incredibly real experience:
    The famous freestyle resort LAAX, Switzerland (Swatch Snowpark) as well
    as the top resort Flachauwinkl, Austria (The Stash and AbsolutPark),
    both resorts holding their top spot amongst the scene`s best. The
    third level of MyTP snowboarding brings you to the freeride paradise
    of Alaska, for all those that prefer to ride fresh powder over a rail
    line or just to get that adrenaline rush to master the biggest kicker.

    To make sure you are riding with the most recent equipment, you can
    select your favorite pieces from Nitro Snowboards and L1 Outerwear to
    create your own character.
    If you feel confident, you may put yourself in the shoes of a Nitro
    Global Teamrider like Cheryl Maas, Markus Keller or Eero Ettala.

    Hence you are ready to give proof of your skills in the world of MyTP
    snowboarding !!

    - realistic 3D graphics
    - half pipes, kickers, rails and powder
    - 3 resorts
    - 9 slopes
    - 9 missions
    - 10 snowboards
    - 3 pro snowboard characters
    - individual male and female characters
    - over 500 tricks
    - „world tour“ and „quick play“ modes

    Feel free to check the video clips on our website and youtube showing
    the gameplay of MyTP Snowboarding to get a deeper impression and
    feeling on how the game works...

    in order to keep the flow and fun of the game as high as possible, in
    our opinion only relevant objects will respond to collisions.

    What's new
    - redesigned controls
    - bug fixing

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